Surf Safari Fuerteventura

Since 2011  offer the SURF SAFARI FUERTEVENTURA SERVICE where any Surfer can enjoy the island's waves.


One cool session per day, you will have fun in uncrowd surf spots tanks our experience to bring you around the island looking for the best place, right for your surf capacity.


Every morning checking the forecast and straight away start the adventure, Surf Safari Fuerteventura is available from beginner to advanced surfers up to 4 people group and it works every day. (if weather forecast is good enough).

PRICE LIST:          

Any price is included of: Apartment Pick-up in the morning, trip aroud the best surf spots for your surfing level. EACH PRICE IS PER PERSON.


1 Person:          30,00 Euro a Day
2 People:         25,00 Euro a Day
3-7 People:      20,00 Euro a Day


You can check our Flight to Fuerteventura page to find your flight company to Fuerteventura. Don' t forget to book on line now your Location!


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