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Corralejo: 8th - 18th March with the parade on 17th March with the theme of Musicals.
Antigua: 9th - 14th February with the theme of the Caribbean.
Caleta de Fuste: 17th - 19th February with the theme of the Caribbean.
Puerto del Rosario: 17th - 26th February with the theme of Fantasies.
Pajara: 1st - 18th March with the theme of Fairy Tales.
Tuineje: 29th February - 11th March - the theme is Into The Forest.





Can you imagine walking down the road dressed as Captain Hook without people looking at you oddly? Or as batman? These and many other surreal situations can be found when it is carnival time in Canary Islands, a unique festivity celebrated from one end of the island to the other.




Fuerteventura Carnival Dates 2012 1Carnival days are serious business in Gran Canaria. For weeks leading up to it the carnival queen contests are held, along with the processions and performances by the “murgas” singers and street dances. Yes. Everywhere. And when there is neither one nor the other there are always the stalls and the mask dances, here at the authentic headquarters for endless fun.


If there's one thing that the people of Fuerteventura excel at then it's partying and Carnival epitomises that spirit.


Almost every sizeable village, town and city in Fuerteventura hosts its own Carnival between the months of January and April with a selection of cultural, sporting and musical events, culminating in a procession of floats where every kind of wheeled vehicle is transformed into a fantastical creation accompanied by scantily clad dancers gyrating to the beat of the drums.



Enjoy the CARNIVAL DATES of 2012 for the best carnival experience in Europe!


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